Tax department has launched web portal for exchange of information

The tax deptt has launched a new portal that will provide info. related to automatic exchange of information under common reporting standard ncluding about procedures.
CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) Chairman P C Mody inaugurated the web portal on Income Tax website.

India is committed to exchange financial account information automatically from 2017 under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) on AEOI, the CBDT said in a release.

Information is reported by financial institutions annually which are then exchanged by India under the standard.

The web portal will be a repository of policy and technical circulars, guidance and notifications issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Web portal provide links to relevant circulars and guidance issued by the regulatory authorities and other international bodies.

“The portal would not only be useful for the domestic financial institutions but will also help the foreign tax authorities and financial institutions to get information about the Indian laws, rules and procedures related to Automatic Exchange of Information under CRS,” the release said.

To implement the AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information) standard, necessary domestic legal framework was put in place in 2015. PTI

How to Get Adwords Dynamic Conversion Values in Google Tag Manager using Data Layer Variable

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In this article, i will explain you how to track Adwords dynamic conversion values with Google Tag Manager using data layer variable.

You already know that Google Tag Manager (GTM) has its own template for setting up Adwords conversion. We only need 2 things, conversion ID and conversion three types of essays label to get it running.At the time we create Adwords Conversion Code, both these values are available.

what is conversion value?
A conversion value is the total transaction value or the total payable amount for the product. eg. Let us consider we are running an Adwords ad for a product, the Adwords conversion value will be the total amount paid by the user through that ad.

If we have a single product , it is very simple to set the conversion value.This can be simply done by adding the total value as shown in the image below.

But, What if we have multiple products or an ecommerce.In that case we have to set conversion value dynamically.
To set conversion value dynamically process is explained below.

Set The Conversion Values Using Data Layer Method

To dynamically set conversion value, using the data layer method we have to push the transaction value/conversion value to data layer.